About Clinical Updates in Women's Health Care

Clinical Updates in Women's Health Care is designed to educate obstetrician-gynecologists in primary and preventive care issues that relate to office practice. Each peer-reviewed monograph provides a clinically oriented overview of a topic that includes the following features:

Published quarterly, each monograph, which is approximately 80 pages, addresses an issue critical to women:

Self-assessment questions are included at the end of each monograph. Five CME credits will be awarded per issue.

Your subscription includes online access to the monographs, which may be printed in PDF format. Online access also allows you to keyword search the monographs and access them at anytime without saving each publication. Also, your CME credit application is available online.

Each monograph is written by an expert in the field and peer reviewed. Raul Artal, MD is the editor, and he is served by an Editorial Board of physicians appointed on a rotating basis.

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Clinical Updates in Women's Health Care Editorial Board (2014)

Anne E. Burke, MD
Julia Schlam Edelman, MD
Paola Alvarez Gehrig, MD
Bliss Kaneshiro, MD
Pooja Rani Patel, MD
T. Flint Porter, MD
Donald K. Rahhal, MD
Nancy C. Rose, MD
Russell R. Snyder MD

Liaison Member
American Geriatrics Society
Myron Miller, MD

Raul Artal, MD, Editor
Gretchen M. Lentz, MD, Associate Editor
Morton A. Stenchever, MD, Editor Emeritus
Deirdre Allen, MPS, Senior Director, Publications
Nikoleta Dineen, MA, Managing Editor

Ex Officio
Hal C. Lawrence, MD, Executive Vice President


Raul Artal, MD

Associate Editor
Gretchen M. Lentz, MD

Editor Emeritus
Morton Stenchever, MD

ISSN 1536-3619
Published Quarterly