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Perioperative Pain Management

Xun Lian, MD
Xun Lian, MD is an assistant professor at Stony Brook Medicine in Stony Brook, New York. She grew up in New York and obtained her Bachelor of Art degree at Hunter College and medical degree at Weill Cornell Medical College. She completed her residency and minimally invasive gynecologic surgery fellowship at Stony Brook Medicine.

Rishimani Adsumelli, MD
Rishimani Adsumelli, MD is a Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology at Stony Brook Medicine in New York. Her training in the field of anesthesiology began in India and continued in the United Kingdom and the United States. Currently, she is the Division Chief of Gynecologic and Urologic Anesthesia and shares her clinical time between this division and the Division of Obstetric Anesthesia. Her present focus of interest is the development and implementation of enhanced recovery after surgery protocols for gynecologic procedures with a special interest in the prevention of persistent surgical pain and better identification and management of patients on chronic pain medications.

Todd R. Griffin, MD
Todd R Griffin, MD is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Medicine at Stony Brook Medicine. He also serves as the Fellowship Director for the Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery Fellowship. Dr. Griffin earned his medical degree at Stony Brook Medicine where he also completed residency in obstetrics and gynecology. After his medical training, he served 3 years in the US Navy before returning to Stony Brook where he has spent the past 16 years. He is a leader in quality and process improvement and has been a champion of enhanced recovery after surgery.

Tong J. Gan, MD, MBA, MHS
Tong J. Gan, MD, MBA, MHS is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Anesthesiology at Stony Brook Medicine in Stony Brook, New York. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Anesthesiology and a fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists. He has attained licensure in acupuncture and a Master's Degree in Clinical Research from Duke University as well as a Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA).

Dr. Gan is the Founding President of the American Society for Enhanced Recovery, a Past President of The Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia, and a Past President of International Society for Anesthetic Pharmacology. He has published more than 230 articles in peer-reviewed journals and numerous books and books chapters. Dr. Gan has served as principal investigator for more than 150 clinical trials. His research focuses on perioperative medicine; enhanced recovery; postoperative nausea and vomiting; and pain, fluid, and hemodynamic management.


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