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January 2016


Hypertension, written by Paul G. Schmitz, MD, and Thinh Nguyen, MD, contains useful information regarding patterns and therapeutic implications of high blood pressure; evaluation of patients with hypertension and management with lifestyle modification, drug therapy, or device therapy, including strategies of combining agents with complementary mechanisms of action to optimize blood pressure control and minimize adverse effects; major classes of antihypertensive agents used to treat hypertension in special settings, such as in older women and perioperatively; features that differentiate a hypertensive emergency from nonemergent hypertension and the pharmacologic options in the management of a hypertensive emergency; and the complex pathophysiology and treatment of hypertension during pregnancy.


Russell R. Snyder, MD

Associate Editor
Gretchen M. Lentz, MD

Past Editor
Raul Artal, MD

ISSN 1536-3619
Published 6 times per year